• Custome-Made Concrete Kitchen Sink

    Concrete is one of the most versatile construction materials and its ability to be moulded into an endless variety of shapes and sizes makes it perfect for custom-made interior fixtures, including concrete kitchen sinks, concrete wash basins, and various furniture items.

    ConcreteMade Ltd can create every type of concrete bathroom sink and basin, from a minimalistic contemporary wall-hung sink, a concrete trough sinks to more traditional bathroom vanity designs. A concrete basin can also be combined with our bespoke concrete countertops for a coherent look. We can also produce integral concrete kitchen sinks and bathroom basins. In those cases, a countertop and a sink come as one seamless unit.

    Thanks to the flexibility of forms concrete allows, you can choose an outer shape of the whole sink as well as the shape of the basin according to your needs, and we will make it to your preferred design, including desired colour, thickness, and size. Our concrete sinks and basins are water resistant, so leaks are never a problem. For the kitchen, polished concrete kitchen countertop can be designed to incorporate a cast concrete sink design of your choice, with customised shape, size, and placement of taps. The endless malleability of concrete makes it a perfect material for one-of-a-kind items which help to create unique styles at home and in commercial settings.

    All our concrete items are handmade from natural materials, which means they will display some variation – this adds to the character of the product. We commonly use a set of standard natural colours, ranging from white to dark grey, which tend to complement modern design schemes, but we can also create custom colours for you to match the rest of your kitchen or bathroom interior.

    As with any made-to-measure item, the price of your concrete sink will depend on the specifics. There are no middlemen in our dealing. We deal directly from the source. This enables us to keep our prices down and we in turn can pass this onto you, our valued customer.

    To get a free no-obligation quote or to talk about details of your project with ConcreteMade Ltd get in touch through our website contact form.

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